27 June 2019

Delivery Villa de Teror NB548 of F. Vulcano

Navaliber has built the accommodation of public spaces in the RO/RO passenger vessel “Villa de Teror” (NB/548) for ARMAS – TRASMEDITERRANEA in Vulcano Shipyard.
4 June 2019

Delivery Almostakshif NB719 of C.N.P. Freire

Navaliber has built the accommodation of the oceanographic vessel Almostakshif (NB/719) for KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research), built in Freire shipyard.
15 April 2019

Navaliber obtains double B-15 Door Certification

Navaliber has successfully passed the fire test for the certification of double B-15 door with MED certificate. Option for windows, grilles and kick out panel are […]
15 February 2019

Delivery Markus. C / 715 de C.N.P. Freire

Navaliber has built the accommodation of the polar trawler “Markus” for the Greenlandic vessels Qajaq Trawl A / S and Polar Seafood A / S, built […]
5 February 2019

Norshipping 2019

Navaliber will attend the international exhibition of “Norshipping” to be held in Oslo from June 4 to 6. There we will meet our main international customers […]
17 January 2019

Delivery Monte Urquiola in Navantia

The official delivery of the “Monte Urquiola” tanker to the Ibaizábal Group was held today at the Navantia Puerto Real shipyard. The tanker “Monte Urquiola” is […]