10 May 2022

NAVALIBER has installed photovoltaic panels in its main factory as a sign of its commitment to renewable energies and the environment.

28 June 2021

Delivery “ARA Piedrabuena” de Chantiers Piriou

Navaliber completes its works for the interior accommodation of the spaces inside its scope for the vessel “ARA Piedrabuena” that the Argentine Navy ordered to Naval […]
4 May 2021

Delivery “Monteraiola” at C.N.P. Freire

Navaliber accomplishes its works of turn-key interior accommodation for the new tuna fishing vessel that Freire Shipyard built for Grupo Calvo.
22 April 2021

Delivery of patrol vessel “Cóndor” R138 at Rodman

Navaliber completes its works of turn-key interior accommodation for the brand-new offshore patrol vessel “Cóndor” for custom services of the Spanish Tax Administration Agency.
9 April 2021

Delivery “Eleanor Roosevelt” G021 at Armón Gijón

Navaliber completes its works for the insulation of vehicle decks inside the new super-fast ferry that Armón Gijón is building for Baleària.
25 March 2021

Delivery “RV Belgica” C/723 at C.N.P. Freire

Navaliber finishes its works for the installation of marine insulation at technical spaces for the oceanographic research vessel “Belgica”, belonging to La Défense and built at […]
15 April 2020

Delivery “São Gabriel” C/018 at WestSEA

Navaliber has made the interior accommodation for the river cruise “São Gabriel” of Douro Azul, built in the WestSEA facilities in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
10 July 2019

Delivery “Monte Ulía” NB545 of Navantia

The official delivery of the “Monte Ulía” tanker to the Ibaizábal Group was held today at the Navantia – Puerto Real Shipyard. This is the last of […]
5 July 2019

Delivery “IRIS” NB291 of Nodosa Shipyard

Navaliber has built the accommodation of the trawler type Twinrig “IRIS” (NB291), sister vessel of “JANNE-KRITIN” for German owner KUTTERFISCH in Nodosa Shipyard.