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NAVALIBER is one of the leading European marine interior companies. It has achieved its prestige in the sector from more than fifty years’ experience, from its internationalisation with presence in countries on all five continents and from its efficient productive capacity. We have built and installed hundreds of kilometres of top quality ship accommodation with modular elements developed by our own designers and certified by the main classification societies in the world. In addition to its proven standard products–wall panels, ceilings, doors and wet units-, our company is well-known in the marine sector for the capacity of its technical staff to develop and install personalized, tailor-made projects in any type of ship, from design and decoration to final delivery to the client.

‘Turn-key’ service

Monitoring the entire productive process–manufacturing elements, installation and assembly on board, own quality systems, etc.- allow us to offer clients a ‘Turn-key’ service. We go to the shipyard and turn the furnishing product into a reality that needs nothing else done. To do this, we have one of the most diversified workforces in the marine interior market. In our company you can find from a professional to design and build tailor made furniture (wood, metal, upholstery…) for a cabin to an interior designer who will select the best curtains for the mess room on board.

Quality logos

We should not boast about our quality. That is why we have obtained the most demanding certificates issued by the most prestigious global classification societies, starting with the very exclusive “USCG certificate of approval” issued by the United States Coast Guard.

The results of our work can be found sailing on the seven seas

Offshore vessels Merchant ships Cruisers
Scientific and oceanographic ships Tugboats and port support vessels Chemical tankers
Navy vessels Fishing boats Ro-Ro vessels

Some countries in which Navaliber works

USA Mexico Venezuela Chile Norway Denmark Sweden Russia Germany United Kingdom France Portugal Spain Algeria Italy Greece South Africa Brazil Madagascar United
Arab Emirates
Singapur Philippines Australia New Zealand

Main clients around the world that Navaliber works with

H. J. Barreras
F. Vulcano
C.N.P. Freire
Zamakona Shipyards
E. N. Viana
Arsenal de Alfeite
Chantiers Piriou
Ostensjo Rederi
Boa Offshore

Production capacity

Marine interior turns a ship’s hull into a home for the crew and the passengers, with the same services and comfort offered by a building on land, but with the technical requirements of a shipyard. To be able to carry out this type of work in a large volume such as for a large ship, a large-scale very advanced and well organised productive system is necessary.

Let us look at the example of a seismic hotel ship with state of the art technology recently delivered by NAVALIBER, with an area of 1,650 square metres of accommodation. Just for this project, the NAVALIBER factories had to produce:
  • 2,750 square metres of panels
  • 1,600 square metres of ceiling
  • 100 doors
  • 30 wet units

This has allowed us to develop a very modern and flexible productive system to adapt to all types of projects. In fact, our production centres have manufactured ship accommodation as different as one of only 120 square metres (extremely high quality and precision projects for yachting) or 10,000 square metres in a large ship.

Let us see more graphically the potential of our factories and our workforce. The graph below shows the annual production capacity of NAVALIBER. A year’s work could cover the 34 kilometres of the English Channel, with a tunnel three metres wide and wall panels two metres high, with a door every five metres and a wet unit every 41.

Annual production
of Navaliber

Our yearly production would stretch across cross the English Channel

Annual production